Everyone needs a break sometimes.


We offer up to three hours of respite care per day for current shelter residents. This is to allow moms to make phone calls, have 1:1 support sessions, and/or attend outside appointments. Our program includes:

    • 1:1 parenting sessions.
    • Transitioning playtime sessions for moms with young babies.
    • Field trips and special family outings.


Respite care is available from 7:30am – 5:00pm on weekdays, with the exception of Statutory Holidays. This program is not currently open to those outside the shelter. (Though we do offer After School Care on weeknights for school-aged children and youth who’ve been in the shelter at any point in the past six months.)


"I received so much support with my kids. They taught me that my children were hurting, and showed me how I could be there for them. Everything is so much better now." (Molly, 2008)